Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hey, Oregon LMT's! Got questions?!

Massage law is constantly changing! It can be very hard to stay current!

When I was a student, the guidelines regarding the washing of massage linens stated that water temperature must be 140 degrees Fahrenheit with bleach or 160 degrees without bleach.

My dear friend, who I feel is finding such gentle purpose, has started massage school at East-West College of the Healing Arts. In her first few days of class, I hear that the instructor is drilling into them that you must wash linens with bleach!

I got all fired up! I don't have white sheets and I don't use bleach! Never have! I was ready to storm the castle doors and ask what the heck was going on!

I knew that wasn't true.

And, as that energy subsided, I started thinking.... well, maybe perhaps my assumption wasn't true. How can I find out?

So, I contacted Diana Nott, the Law Enforcement Coordinator at the Oregon Board of Massage and simply asked. Just a quick email. I received an equally quick response.

Here it is...


Currently the Rules state that all soiled linens shall be washed with bleach in a clothes washing machine which provides a hot water temperature of at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit. (OAR 334-020-0050(5))

That said, the Board has voted to adopt new rules which, if all goes as planned, will take effect July 1, 2009. Those new rules state simply that all soiled linen must be laundered in a manner that eliminates the risk of spreading parasites, communicable diseases and infections and laundered in a manner that removes all residue of topical preparations.

I hope this helps.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.

Diana Nott
Law Enforcement Coordinator
Oregon Board of Massage Therapists


I was wrong. My initial reaction was unfounded. They had changed the massage law and it slipped under my radar. In my years of private practice, I had missed an important change.

And, it's a change I don't agree with. But, as the above text shows, others don't want to just wash their beautiful purple, green gold, lilac, flower-patterned, polka-dotta linens with bleach. We're not all white. We LMT's choose colors in our practice that reflect our unique inner world. The rule is changing soon.... back to balance. Back to harmony.

There's been demand for solutions that put little stress on our earth. The language of the new law is beautiful, unregimented. Yet, the new rule holds client and massage therapist safety firmly in mind, while allowing room for how you want to run your practice. Us massage therapists... heck, every being... every human being you meet is precious and rare beyond comparison. We're all snowflakes!

The Oregon Board is here to answer questions pertaining to massage therapists. They're here to help. They work tirelessly to continue to refine, broaden and clarify massage and bodywork law.

If you have questions... if you're a student and you feel the teacher is off base or if you've been practicing for years... question. It never hurts to ask and get a second point of view. Contacting the OBMT will give you clear insight in a timely manner.

For questions about current Oregon massage law, contact Diana Nott at

Blessings and love,
Hamid : )

Hamid LMT - Massage therapist in Portland, Oregon

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sliding-scale Thai massage! Check it out!

My friends.... we're building our Stumptown community! Our village of healers!

There is a sliding-scale Thai massage clinic!

Erin has been licensed to do massage for 2 years. She's always learning, always growing... evolving her practice! She loves to give Thai massages! In her regular practice, she gives 2, even 3 hour sessions at amazingly affordable rates! I don't know what a 3 hour Thai massage is like, but I would sure love to find out!

This is a being that cares about you and loves her work! Seek out Thai massage! They bend and stretch and press and support... You're on the floor, on a soft mat, working, breathing with the LMT. It's facilitated yoga! Imagine someone doing yoga TO you! You'll love it!

And, remember... speak up when it's too much! Don't grunt through the pain! You'll get far more benefit if you can breath and relax, even when the sensations have intensity.

Forward this to your friends! You're all part of a wonderful healing arts community! We have only to open our eyes and dive in!

So, go support these folks! Support your local community! They donate to charity! Yay!

Blessings and love,
Hamid : )

Here's the scoop....



I just wanted thank everyone that came and also helped spread the word about the first Community Thai Massage Clinic, it was a huge success!

The next one will be on Monday May 11th from 10 am to 3 pm. I know that we had a lot of interest in having it extend into the evening, but the space we are going to be using this month is only available until 3. We are hoping that in the future we will continue to be busy enough to offer longer hours.

Our sliding rates are:
30 mins: $10-25
60 mins: $20-55
90 mins: $30-85

10% percent will be donated to a Thai charity. And cash only please.

We will have the clinic again at Potentials Yoga Studio, 200 NE 20th Ave. We are hoping to start rotating the different neighborhoods of Portland starting in June.

Please call 541 961 2805 to schedule your appointment.


Hamid LMT - Massage therapist in Portland, Oregon

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New scam targeting massage therapists

My massage therapist colleagues.... beware of scams like this. This is pure hoax.

Just study the odd use of capital letters to denote a location.

The oddly poor grammar.

Note, the use of a company willing to send payment and the duration of request for the cost of a week of massage service.

This is a scam, pure and simple. Do not respond to it!

Stay safe, my friends... May your practice be prosperous!!

Blessings and love,
Hamid : )



Hello Pleasant Day, i am John Rollins from UNITED KINGDOM i will be arriving the state very soon, i m used to body massage as i can"t do without, i have to look for
one pending my arrival.Let me know the cost of your weekly services at
your place.I will have my company send you payment.Get back to me

Hamid LMT - Massage therapist in Portland, Oregon

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Celebrate life, wherever your foot falls!

Hamid LMT - Massage therapist in Portland, Oregon

Monday, April 13, 2009

You are unique. You are beautiful. You are amazing.

Never fear being you.

Express! Create! Live!

Hamid LMT - Massage therapist in Portland, Oregon

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thank you!!

I'm currently going through my own healing process. As many of you know, I was rear-ended last October. Since then, I've been receiving wonderful, hands on healing work from some of my favorite practitioners around town. Along with the help of these amazing healers, I'm also changing my diet by consuming less meat, carbs and sugar. And, I've started moving and stretching, playing with a foam core roller.... just taking care of myself! I truly haven't felt this good since before my waltz with cancer all those years ago.

This happy little accident was another gift from the universe... just enough of a nudge to jostle me out of my haze and start paying attention to my neglected areas. a reminder to start living again!

I'd like to give a nod to all of these wonderful healing artists on my path...

Deborah Santomera - My favorite chiropractor at Full Spectrum Health Center - not just a back-cracker. She warms up the tissue first... love all of her knowledge!

Dr. Chrissie Ott - the doctor that listens and let's her doggies sit on my lap and lick my nose! Her guidance and warm smile has been invaluable to my health!

April Sykes, LMT - my dear friend at Equinox Massage - love her deep massage work and presence! Stay tuned, April and I are working on her massage website!

Danielle Quast, LAc - my office mate and friend... never seen her without a huge smile!

Amy Long, LMT - my office mate, my new roommate, my friend. Time to bliss out on Amy's table! Her doggie Bear and my two pups, Chaya and Sofie, are dearest chums!

Donna Gramont - My physical therapist at New Heights - love her detective-like approach to finding restriction in the body, followed by the excellent physical therapy aides and assistants on the staff.

Thank you all! It is an honor to work with you!

Blessings and love, dear friends...
Hamid : )

Hamid LMT - Massage therapist in Portland, Oregon

April massage announcements

My friends,

I have a few announcements this month...


The support for my Saturday sliding-scale massage clinic has been wonderful! In May, I'll be adding a second day, offering the clinic on the first and third Saturday of the month. On these days, I may also have time for one of my regular 60, 75 or 90 minute sessions, outside of the clinic times.

Check here for the next clinic dates and times...


I'm also going to start taking Mondays off. So, my regular days will be Tuesday - Friday.


Earth Body's low-cost massage and acupuncture clinic will be back in May!


We're having an open house next month, on May 9th! The time will be from 3:00 - 6:00 pm. Come meet and greet all of the practitioners at the center! There will be food and drink! Let's build community!

We all want to help support you, our amazing clients! If you have any arts and crafts you create and sell, contact me! We'd love to let you have some space to show off your stuff!

Hamid LMT - Massage therapist in Portland, Oregon