Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Took a workshop

Last weekend, I took the next, and I believe last, class in the Advanced Myofascial Techniques certification series. It was once again taught by the Til Luchau. Gorge and Ellen offered their invaluable assistance.

This weekend focused on the leg, knee and foot. Rolfers spend a great deal of attention on these areas of the body. Many massage therapists seem to be focused on the back, neck and shoulders... as evidenced by the class size. Most of Til's classes are packed, often spilling into other rooms at East-West College. This workshop was quite intimate, in comparison. We walk all over our feet, each day and hardly give our most common connection with the earth a second thought.

 I truly enjoy the pace of Til's classes. Plenty of light-hearted lecture with photos and useful anatomical animations, a nice amount of demonstration of technique and plenty of hands on time. The weekend is long, yet seems to breeze by.

I've already begun finding uses for some of the techniques. A class from Til is inspiring, energizing and fun!

I have taken the following Advanced Myofascial Techniques' workshops:

Leg, knee and foot - September, 2008
Pelvis, hips and sacrum - November, 2007
Spine, ribs and low back - March, 2007
Neck, jaw and head - January, 2007
Shoulder girdle and arm - May, 2006
Scoliosis (elective) - March, 2006

So, that should finish up my certification. Yay!

Hamid LMT - Massage therapist in Portland, Oregon

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A couple slower days

I've been having a couple slower days... it's nice to have the occasional break in the week. So, I've been playing with the burst mode of my new Pentax K20D camera. I compiled a few stop-motion animations out of the still images... enjoy!

Chaya waves, sits up and begs and then stands and walks.

Sofie and Chaya... with sound!

Hamid LMT - Massage therapist in Portland, Oregon