Friday, January 29, 2010

Unshod: Nekkid running!

First lap around the Bella Vista perimeter with the pups, shod. Sock and shoes were then removed for two laps.

First barefoot lap using mid-foot strikes. 2nd barefoot lap using a combination of mid-foot and fore-foot strikes. Shod lap used rear-foot strikes with an emphasis on changing gate towards mid-foot strikes.

All plantar acu pressure points- awake and fully aware!

Lack of movement betwen 2nd and 3rd tarsals.

3rd tarsal inferior and striking first in fore-foot strikes.

Stopped due to the intense bombardement of information to the senses. Two much sensory input in a single mile! It's like meeting VGER for the first time!

Goal: 3 laps! Booyah!

Lessons mulled over...

Start every task from the beginning.

Trust. Trust. Trust.

Don't you think one "trust" is enough? : )

Thanks Emerson.... dude... thanks...


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