Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thank you!!

I'm currently going through my own healing process. As many of you know, I was rear-ended last October. Since then, I've been receiving wonderful, hands on healing work from some of my favorite practitioners around town. Along with the help of these amazing healers, I'm also changing my diet by consuming less meat, carbs and sugar. And, I've started moving and stretching, playing with a foam core roller.... just taking care of myself! I truly haven't felt this good since before my waltz with cancer all those years ago.

This happy little accident was another gift from the universe... just enough of a nudge to jostle me out of my haze and start paying attention to my neglected areas. a reminder to start living again!

I'd like to give a nod to all of these wonderful healing artists on my path...

Deborah Santomera - My favorite chiropractor at Full Spectrum Health Center - not just a back-cracker. She warms up the tissue first... love all of her knowledge!

Dr. Chrissie Ott - the doctor that listens and let's her doggies sit on my lap and lick my nose! Her guidance and warm smile has been invaluable to my health!

April Sykes, LMT - my dear friend at Equinox Massage - love her deep massage work and presence! Stay tuned, April and I are working on her massage website!

Danielle Quast, LAc - my office mate and friend... never seen her without a huge smile!

Amy Long, LMT - my office mate, my new roommate, my friend. Time to bliss out on Amy's table! Her doggie Bear and my two pups, Chaya and Sofie, are dearest chums!

Donna Gramont - My physical therapist at New Heights - love her detective-like approach to finding restriction in the body, followed by the excellent physical therapy aides and assistants on the staff.

Thank you all! It is an honor to work with you!

Blessings and love, dear friends...
Hamid : )

Hamid LMT - Massage therapist in Portland, Oregon


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