Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Took a new class...yay! Lost some data... boo!

It's been an interesting couple of weeks!

I recently took an Advanced Myofascial Techniques workshop on scoliosis. The class was taught by Til Luchau of the Rolf Institute. I truly enjoyed the class, showing a new way to look at the dynamics of spinal health. I found the advanced myofascial work to be a natural evolution of the work I've been developing for the past 3+ years. I was so impressed by the teacher and the techniques that I signed on for certification in the techniques. I'll have to take about 5 more weekend workshops in the coming year and a half or so. I'm very excited to blend these deeply transformational modalities into our massage sessions!

In other news, I had some computer problems last week. The hard drive in my trusty Powerbook frizzled out and my backup drive went haywire too! So, I just got the computer back from Texas after they repaired it under warranty. It's working great now, but I've lost quite a bit of data, photos, music, etc. The latest version of the website was also lost, so it'll be a bit before I update the site online as I cobble things back together.

Rest assured, everything on the site still works. Gift certificate ordering hasn't been affected and is just as safe, secure and easy as ever. There just won't be any changes, like no new Insight of the Week, etc, for awhile.

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