Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Latest massage scam

Here is the latest massage related scam to arrive in my email inbox. Note the awkward sentence structure and wording of phrases (a request for "Remedial massage treatment") and long duration of requested services. I've seen this in many forms through the years. If responded to, they will eventually want to send you a money order from some other source, like an employer or other company.

Trust me... this is bogus. Don't even bother to respond to emails like this.

Stay safe out there, LMT's!

Blessings and love,
Hamid : )


Good day,

I am Mr Carry George of Unity Consultancy. We will be coming for Remedial massage treatment.We are in number 6 adults, and we are to spend 10 days.

Get back to me with the rate per person per hour daily for 10days. Your professional advice is needed.

Arrival Date:15 JAN 2010

Departure Date: 25 JAN 2010

Check the availability and get back with total cost.


Carry George.

Unity Consultancy

14 Peters Lane, Cowcross Street,

EC1M 6DS United Kingdom

Hamid LMT - Massage therapist in Portland, Oregon


Blogger Pia said...

I just received this mail myself and wondered why no details were specified on where they were arriving and remedial for what.

So did a Google search on the company name to see who the guys are and checking if it's a scam, and your blog is the first to come up.

Thanks for the warning!


10:22 PM  
Blogger Angela Lind.LMT said...

Thanks for posting this, I receive it too!!

I hate scammers!

9:47 AM  
Blogger Angela Lind.LMT said...

Thanks for posting, I received this email too from this scammer!

9:47 AM  
Blogger phil said...

Ha ha, me too. Not the 1st time we have received such an email, the last one was from a models agent supposedly and they asked us to take a credit card payment for the fees, plus an extra amount that we were supposed to forward onto a firm providing a set for her photo shoot in Eastern Europe of somewhere. Yea right...

1:57 AM  

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