Saturday, November 08, 2008

Chaya and Sofie go to the park!

A quick video from my camera phone of the dogs at the park. It's really difficult to guide them while also taking the video. Soon, I'll get Sofie to show off more tricks.

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Blogger The Mooch said...

Nice doggies. Truly a man's best friend. But hey! Are these guys your LMT assistants as well? Could we get them to run up and down my back?


I just wanted to touch base. My name is Tony Camero, I am doing some marketing consulting for a company in Iowa, Natural Health Technologies.

Have you ever heard of our product, the SteamyWonder? Love to chat with you about it some time. Mind if I post a link? Check out the SteamyWonder and please, let me know if I can provide you some 411!

Tony Camero

10:06 AM  
Blogger Hamid LMT said...


Chaya is trained in Shiatsu. Sofie is still a bit young and has a couple more terms of massage school left. : )

I've seen ads for SteamyWonder before in various massage magazines. To be honest, I'm not interested in offering any type of spa work.

Also, know that Blogger blogs don't pass on PageRank when you post links in comments. Try writing articles and forum posts with your link if you're looking for increased inbound links.

Hamid : )

1:13 PM  

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