Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finally, I have my computer back!

I don't know why it took so long, but I finally have my trusty ol' Powerbook back! It now has a shiny new 250 gig hard drive, a new PRAM battery and a new battery. Now, when running on battery power, it doesn't just go to sleep after an hour. Ah, computers.... couldn't live without one, but when things go wrong, it's an inconvenience.

Actually, I felt ok with not having a primary computer for over a week. My Palm 755p let me send and receive basic e-mails and stay connected.

My next big task is to finally process lots and lots of photos! My dear friends Lincoln and Alicia got married in September. I was the photographer for the wedding! No stress there! haha!

It was a lot of fun! A very non-traditional ceremony, held in a large field out in the country, near Trout Lake, Washington. It was truly moving and beautiful. I am so happy for those crazy kids!

Lincoln is an incredible musician. I had the pleasure of playing sitar with Lincoln, his brother Jessie and our dear friend Scott for awhile back in the Droney Tone days. He's now fully immersed in the music world, touring the NW.

When I'm ready to upload the entire batch of photos, I'll create a new Wedding section on the Smugmug Photography site and post a link here.

Hamid : )

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