Monday, November 21, 2005

My massage class was cancelled!

I was signed up to take a continuing education massage class last weekend, but it was cancelled due to low attendance. How low was it? I was the only one signed up! So, I guess I'm not important enough keep the class going... especially when the teachers outnumber the students. I signed up for the class, Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy for Common Pathologies (say that 10 times fast) specifically because it was taught by two of my old teachers from East-West College, Maura Bank and TJ Ford. I take these events as divine signs... the universe wants me to focus elsewhere right now.

I had already paid, so I used the credit to sign up for a two day workshop held in March. It's an advanced myofascial release class focusing on scoliosis. I've heard the teacher is ok.... an instructor from the Rolf Institute. I'm ready to learn some new techniques and truly looking forward to it.

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