Sunday, May 22, 2005

Back from a little break...

The massage business is building back up and this month looks like it's going to be a good one. I haven't really been putting my energy into it, but new clients keep walking through the door. No complaints there.

After the break I took following the death of my parents, business was really slow ... and that was just dandy with me. It's been a struggle finding a new rhythm while taking care of the new house and seeing that my mom and dad's last wishes are carried out. I may have to go to court with the brokerage that held my mother's IRA to ensure her intentions are met. It's a step I've been trying to avoid for months, but it looks like it might be happening. I just have to see it through, no matter the outcome.

My wife and I just returned from Cannon Beach along the Oregon coast. We left on Saturday, after my last client of the day, and stayed overnight. It was truly a splendid time. The ocean is always a reminder that any problems, worries or concerns I might have are of trivial proportions to the vastness of the universe.

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